MiRO (Marwan S. Abdulqader)



I write code • iOS runtime developer 👨🏻‍💻 • Kind of Reverse Engineer 🙄 • Medical Devices Engineer

Here is some basic info about me 😬:

  • Birthday: 17 July 1992
  • Phone: +1 (708) 963 7575
  • City: Chicago, USA

If you need more info then feel free to contact me at my email or DM me on Twitter


I have so many skills but I liked to list few of them here:

Objective-C 100%
JavaScript 90%
NodeJS 90%
Logos 100%
PHP 90%
Quasar Framework 80%
Photoshop 75%

My Work

I like to make cool iOS stuff and release them for free 😬

I've made so many popular jailbreak tweaks that are used by thousands of people such as:

  • uYou: The best tweak for the YouTube app
  • Tranzlo: A life savior translate tweak
  • Marker: A better and easy way to move the cursor and select text on iOS
  • Shortmoji: The ultimate keyboard tweak that iOS never had
  • YellowPages: Know the caller ID before answering the call
  • RGBoard: Razer Chroma RGB for default iOS keyboard
  • FancySelection: Take iOS selection menu to the next level
  • LangSwipe: A better way to switch between keyboard languages
  • iGotBlind: Find/Delete your app from Spotlight search

You can find those packages and more by adding my repo into your package manager: miro92.com/repo/



+1 (708) 963 7575